our approach

The Libertas Center places torture survivors and their communities at the center of our work, taking guidance from them and recognizing their great capacity for resilience.
The Libertas program is anchored by its strength’s based, client centered and trauma informed case management approach to coordinating medical, mental health, legal and social services to address the complex and highly interwoven needs of survivors. Libertas staff operate as the spokes of a wheel, helping clients access the medical, mental health, legal and social services they need through direct care, provider and agency partnerships, and referral networks. The Libertas Center also trains medical and mental health providers including physicians-in-training, nurses and social workers to identify, care for, and refer torture survivors to appropriate services, and builds awareness of survivors’ needs through research and education. 

In addition to helping address concrete needs, Libertas staff provide clients with psycho-social support and a safe and trusting environment where their identity, goals and hopes are affirmed. 



Through partnerships with Elmhurst Hospital’s Primary Care Clinics we provide clients with expedited access to medical assessments and ongoing primary care as needed. In addition, we facilitate referrals and access to specialty medical care, such as women’s health and neurology. 

Mental Health

Through partnerships with Elmhurst Hospital’s Outpatient Mental Health Clinic, we offer clients access to specialized individual and group therapy and medication management services. In addition, the Libertas Center maintains a caseload of individual therapy clients on-site and provides supportive counseling during all client encounters. 

"The Libertas Center showed me the light to come across the tunnel of hope. You helped turn my life around from a distressed refugee to a promising person in the American society."
                                                                                   - Libertas Client, 2016



To address the complex and highly interwoven needs of clients, we work closely to address their concrete and basic needs, such as access to health benefits, food pantries, clothing, housing options, English classes, job referrals, childcare and other support services for children. We also provide ongoing case management through regular client interactions and follow up discussions.


We work closely with clients and their lawyers to help facilitate or provide the documentation needed for asylum proceedings. This may include providing treatment letters, scheduling medical or psychological evaluations, or helping obtain medical records. We also help clients find legal representation as needed. 

"The Libertas Center opened a window of opportunity and hope. As I followed their directions, I felt, I gradually enhanced my confidence and faith in myself. I felt, I can do it.  So it helped me to focus on my future goals and put my thoughts and dreams into reality."
Libertas Client, 2015



We partner with volunteer instructors to provide complementary and alternative therapies, such as yoga, meditation, and photography projects.