The Libertas Center serves people who have been tortured outside of the United States by someone in a position of power. You may be eligible for our program if: 

•    The act of torture was intended to cause severe physical or mental pain or suffering.
•    The perpetrator was an official authority such as a police officer or government agent, or de facto government official or militia group. 
•    You experienced severe physical or mental pain or suffering because your family members or other loved ones were tortured.
•    You may still be eligible even if the perpetrator was not an official authority, but the government did not take steps to prevent, investigate, or prosecutor the perpetrators.

If you experienced one or more of the below, please contact us:

•    Did you come to the U.S. because you were being persecuted in your own country?
•    Were you or your family attacked or threatened with injury or death in your country?
•    Were you detained, imprisoned, captured, or kidnapped in your country?
•    Are you in danger if you to return to your country?

Common forms of torture include

•    Death threats
•    Rape/Sexual Violence
•    Beatings
•    Forced Postures
•    Burning
•    Maiming
•    Other serious injuries

The Libertas Center can help you access:

•    Medical care
•    Mental Health services
•    Referrals to social services (food, shelter, clothing)
•    Referrals to legal services
•    Forensic evaluations for asylum cases
•    Referrals to support groups

If you are looking for services within the United States, click here to see other treatment centers for survivors of torture. 


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